What We Do

The Business Environmental Performance Initiative (BEPI) is a business-driven initiative supporting retailers, importers and brands to improve environmental performance in supplying factories worldwide. Our vision is a world of free trade and sustainable supply chains, in which factories are legally compliant with applicable legal requirements and have the capacity to manage and improve their environmental performance.

Why BEPI Exists

In today’s global and fast-moving competitive markets, businesses face complex environmental challenges in their supply chains. The increasing scarcity of natural resources and environmental degradation have increased both demands for regulation as well as societal expectations for more transparency and accountability.

In this context, companies recognise that the performance of their business depends on the ability of their supply chain to respond to environmental challenges and to deliver operational excellence throughout their supply chain.  A core aim of BEPI is to support companies to prepare for these challenges.

What We Offer

BEPI offers a single system that enables all companies sourcing all product types to address the environmental performance of their supply chains.

Through collaboration with participating companies and stakeholders, BEPI tools have been developed to collect and share information, and to coach and assess performance at factory level.

  • One comprehensive scope of 11 environmental performance areas
  • One single implementation system
  • Various tools and activities to support companies and producers
  • For all retailers, importers and brand companies
  • For all types of products
  • For all sourcing countries

What We Do Not Offer

We are neither an auditing company nor an accreditation system: We provide companies with an environmental assessing methodology and report. We do not organise assessments ourselves but provide a network of external, experienced and qualified assessing companies. We also offer on-site capacity building which is provided by external, experienced and qualified environmental consulting companies. Furthermore, BEPI develops relationships with key stakeholders.

We are not a certification scheme such as ISO 14001: We provide a system that supports companies to gradually improve environmental performance in their supply chain through practical support.