The BEPI System

The BEPI System is the implementation system for participants and their supply chain to achieve continuous improvement of environmental performance, with a focus on gap analysis, environmental management improvement and progress monitoring.

Based on the GSCP Environmental Reference Tools, it responds to all sectors covered by FTA Members, with a global outreach.

Core Concepts

Driving environmental management improvement is not an easy task, but a journey where the success  depends on two key elements:

  • Due Diligence.  The BEPI System provides participants a risk-based approach to identify and address environmental impacts in their supply chain, following good practice Due Diligence guidelines.

  • Cascade Effect.  BEPI Participants can proactively work with their tier 1 producers to gain access to tier 2 and 3 producers through the BEPI Platform, extending visibility and influence and driving environmental performance improvement across the entire supply chain, involving all actors.

The BEPI System provides an easy step-by-step approach, allowing participants and producers to take the journey together, providing transparency along the way.

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Fundamental Pillars

BEPI drives environmental performance improvement at producer level through three fundamental pillars: monitoring, empowering and engaging.