myclimate Foundation and BEPI: Working Together to Fight Climate Change

In May 2017, BEPI signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with myclimate Foundation, a Swiss non-profit organisation working towards climate protection through consultation, education and collaborative projects. The partnership will directly benefit BEPI participants in their efforts to measure and mitigate carbon emissions in their supply chain.

BEPI and myclimate recognise the importance of addressing climate change and the key role of businesses in this effort. Building on this common understanding and our shared objectives, the MoU will mean working together in the following areas:

·        Development of practical tools – myclimate Foundation will support the development of a Carbon Calculator, a tool that will be integrated into the BEPI online platform, our supply chain mapping and reporting tool. It will enable BEPI participants to accurately measure the carbon emissions of their supply chain.

·        Capacity building – both initiatives will develop joint capacity building activities for BEPI participants and producers to raise awareness about climate change and CO2 management.

·        Mutual support – “Partnering with BEPI connects us with leaders of today and tomorrow giving us the opportunity to support them and leverage their impact on climate protection. We are curious to explore together existing, “low-hanging fruits” as well as future opportunities with huge impact for climate and economy”, said myclimate CEO, René Estermann.

·        Offsetting emissions – myclimate will help to offset the carbon footprint of the Foreign Trade Association’s annual trade and sustainability conference, hosted on 15 June 2017 in Brussels.

More information on myclimate and their work on climate protection: